Thursday, November 21, 2013


This is not exactly the most recommended method of handling your child but when you've exhausted all other reasonable options, sometimes reverse psychology works (at least in part).

Aurora was refusing to stay in her room and was at the point where she thought being returned to her room (or any interaction with a person) was a game and was giggling maniacally while racing off around the house (endangering sick Quinn's sleep). We're trying to teach her to stay in her room at night rather than locking the door but she is extremely resistant to obeying no matter the consequences of disobeying (we've always had a hard time finding consequences that actually motivate her to obey; this story is yet another reminder of that).

Wil finally gave up and said, "Fine. If you're coming out of your room, it must be morning. Give me your pjs and get dressed." He stripped her PJs and gave her a dress and started opening the windows. Aurora stood there in shock for a minute, then started exclaiming, "It's nighttime, Daddy! It's nighttime!" Wil would answer, "If it's nighttime, you would be in your bed. You're out here, so it must be morning." She was totally boggled and began passionately explaining, "Daddy! You're messing up the CREATION STORY! This ISN'T how the world WORKS! You're messing it up, Daddy! It's nighttime! That's how God made it! You're messing up how God made it! It's nighttime! That's how the world WORKS! You're MESSING UP CREATION!!!"

Poor kiddo. She did eventually go to her room after passionately trying to convince Wil that it is indeed nighttime. Now that she's in her room and is quiet, he has been convinced. ;)


(I feel the need to add that people should try to just enjoy the funny story and not give in to the urge to offer parenting advice, if they feel that need. When Aurora hits the point she did tonight, any interaction however calm and any consequence however severe feeds her out-of-control emotional state. She doesn't care what feedback she's getting, she feeds off anything she gets. Distracting her with a shocking logical argument may have been the best way to jolt her out of it. Heaven knows we try hard to prevent these things from happening.)

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