Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quinn is TWO!!

I've slacked off on blogging a bit but I can't miss a birthday post! We celebrated Quinn's birthday yesterday because Wil won't be able to be home much today.

It's hard to believe that this tiny little mister
is a big boy now!

He really, really got into opening presents. He was so excited to see what was inside each package. :)

But the hit toy of the evening was the Duplo my parents sent.

The first present Quinn opened was a set and the kids spent a good 20 minutes playing with it before they remembered that there were more presents to open! Hehe.

And, of course, his birthday meal was a hit! He loooooves chicken legs. Silly kid.

And the main event: the cake!

"My! My! My!"

Quinn actually ended up being afraid of the candles but I didn't realize it until after we'd tried to get him to blow them out. Poor fellow.

But all was forgotten once he got his slice of cake.


Happy birthday, Quinn!


As a reminder: I may not post on this blog very often right now, but I am keeping up on our picture a day blog over at Snapshots of 2013.

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