Friday, July 5, 2013

Tooooo Haaaww!

Quinn still nurses several times a day. This evening as I was putting him down for bedtime, he asked to nurse. As soon as his lips touched my skin, he jerked back and exclaimed, "Too haw!! TOOOOO HAAAAAW!" (too hot). Then he nursed normally.

I switched him to the other side and once again, he jerked back and exclaimed, "Too haw!" Then he added: "Is soo haw!" and started blowing on me, as though to cool me off. He kept repeating, "Is so haw!" and blowing on me until I finally convinced him that I was supposed to feel a little bit warm!

I was nearly cracking up, but needed to stay quiet to help him calm down. Seriously, nursing a talking baby is way better than when they're little. They're just so funny and the interactions are so sweet.

(He's going to hold it against me when he's older for posting this story but I couldn't resist the cuteness!)


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