Friday, July 26, 2013

One, two, FIVE!

We have discovered that Aurora remembers things better if we tell her to do things in a numbered list. So we say: "One, go get your shoes. Two, put them on. Three, go get your water bottle." Normally she has trouble with doing these sorts of tasks because she gets distracted--usually before even completing the first part of the command. However, with numbering the required steps, she seems to remember she has three things to do and can generally get farther in the list. Well, I just had a hilarious (to me) conversation with Aurora that tells me she seems to like the numbered lists.

Aurora called me to her room after bedtime and tells me there's something she has to tell me....

Aurora: ONE! We don't have any presents for my birthday.
Me: That's true, we don't have any presents for your birthday yet because it's 6 months away.
Aurora: TWO! But if we did have presents for my birthday, they would be in a room and covered!
Me: Yes, that makes sense. *waits for her to continue* So is there a three?
Aurora: No, that's all.
Me: OK, goodnight Aurora.
Aurora: WAIT! Let me finish!
Me: Yes?
Aurora: FIVE!
Me: I thought you were on three.
Aurora: No, five. If we have a whole bunch of presents in a room they would be covered.
Me: Yes, we went over that...
Aurora: And LAST! We would have lots of decorations and stuff and presents...and COMPLICATED presents!
Me: Uh-huh. Goodnight, Aurora.


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