Monday, June 10, 2013

Poor Birdy

Quinn was investigating the laundry room to see if he could get outside (he couldn't, because the door was locked) when he came running in to get me, upset and whimpering. He pulled me to the backdoor and when I looked out, I saw a rather confused looking pigeon with some feathers missing.

We carefully opened the door and looked at the bird from the doorway. Quinn was excited and wanted to try to touch the bird, but I convinced him that we needed to get food and water for the bird. So we got a little plate and filled it with some grain (no bird seed around here, unfortunately) and water and scooted it within a couple feet of the bird.

Quinn was so upset that he couldn't watch the bird that I took down his webcam in his room and set it up on the kitchen windowsill so that we could watch the bird. I'm pretty sure the bird won't care about anything we offered it and will fly away when it's less confused, but Quinn is pretty excited about the birdcam. :)

Here's a screenshot from the webcam. It's really bad quality, but if you look closely inside the circle, there is a little blob that's the bird.

And this is Quinn not understanding that to best help the bird, we need to leave it alone...
He just wants to keep the bird company! :(


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Aurora and the cake

We were at a birthday party tonight and while wandering around, Aurora was drawn to the cake. Then she decided to grab it--not just touch it, but actually grab it with both hands and try to sink her hands into it! What??? Thankfully, she jerked back from it when she realized it was covered in frosting (a texture she doesn't particularly like) so she only left hand impressions in the icing without actually ruining the cake.

Our hostess was very gracious and merely laughed as she watched Aurora do this. I was rather shocked, but also should have seen it coming. Aurora just said she wanted to feel it. She knew it was the cake and that it was covered in icing, but apparently she couldn't keep her hands off of it.

Note to self: if we are ever around any other cakes, I need to stay between it and Aurora. :) I wish I knew what was going through her head sometimes...