Thursday, May 16, 2013

What a Sweet Big Sister!

We have noticed that, of course, Quinn is more likely to imitate something when Aurora says or does it than he will do with us. Most of the time this is not the greatest things, but sometimes it works out well.

This morning as breakfast was wrapping up, Aurora and Quinn were waiting to have some pieces of mango. Aurora decided to wipe her face with her pjs (!!) and I came out to find both kids happily wiping their faces with whatever part of their clothing they could pull up.

As I passed out the mango pieces, Aurora said, "Say 'Mango,' Quinn. Say 'mango!'" Quinn grinned and responded, "mah-GO!" They went back and forth several times: "Mango!" "mah-GO!" "Mango!" "mah-GO!" until they were giggling so much they couldn't talk.

Then Quinn started getting impatient while waiting for me to make his mango into smaller pieces. Aurora said, "Say, 'please,' Quinn." and demonstrated the sign. Quinn made some sound that didn't sound even close to "please" but tried to make the sign (which I have unsuccessfully tried to teach him over the past couple months). Aurora exclaimed, "That was close! Yay Quinn!"

It was all just so sweet. What a good big sister Aurora is. I feel like they're just the perfect siblings for each other. :)


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