Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Silly Kids Stories :)


Quinn has been waking up from naps fairly unhappy these days. Usually getting him a snack helps, so I'll often let him out of his room and then go get him a snack while he follows me to the kitchen, crying the whole way. Yesterday, he was particularly pitiful. His cry was literally a "boo-hoo-hoo-hoo" with a raspberry on the beginning "b." It was adorable and sad at the same time.

Aurora decided to dump a bunch of water into our drier one day while I was taking care of Quinn's diaper. I came back to find our laundry room floor covered in a nice layer of water and the drum of the drier about as full of water as it could be. Later that night, after I'd calmed down about the whole thing, I asked Aurora why she decided to put water in the drier...She told me it was an experiment. Well, at least she came up with a good reason. (And, yes, she got a nice lecture about asking permission before doing experiments so that we can make sure she doesn't do an experiment that could hurt something or someone.)

Quinn is talking all the time these days! He doesn't always say real words, but I'm pretty sure most of the time he's trying to form real words. The cadence and syllables in his words often match up to real words and sentences even when none of the words sound much like what we're pretty sure he's trying to say. He's even trying to say full sentences, which is just amazing to me for a 20 month old!

The other night, we were looking for his lovey and asked him, "Where is lion?" He answered with what sounded like "Where did it go?" and started looking for it. His understandable (to us) words are: thank you, no, all done, uh-oh, yes, car, ball, toot-toot (train), daddy, momma, poppa, go, hello, up, amen, woah!, bubbles, bye-bye, Aurora (he has a couple variations on her name). His phrases include: "not all done"/"all done," "thank you"/"no thank you," "1,2,3!,"  "I jump,!" "I did it!," and a few other "I ____" type phrases. He might even say his name sometimes, but I'm not sure. It's not like the "qu" sound is the easiest to say...

When Aurora gets hurt, rather than asking for a bandaid, she goes looking for silk to rub over the wound. This works OK as long as it's a bruise or scrape that isn't bleeding...

Quinn has started pushing people around. He's strong enough to give a good shove, but not really to push people over...yet. However, Aurora has decided she likes the falling-down game, so when ever Quinn gives her the slightest push, she throws herself down on the ground and exclaims that Quinn gave her such a big push that she couldn't stay standing! She doesn't like Quinn pushing her, but she hasn't figured out that reacting to every push by throwing herself on the ground only encourages him.


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