Friday, May 17, 2013

Aurora Loves Fabrics

Aurora has recently become aware that there are many different kinds of fabrics. Since she's currently obsessed with princesses, she likes to talk about their clothes and what they're made of and things like that. I think she's going to loooove sewing when she gets older. But recently, she's been very curious about what people around her are wearing and we saw this firsthand this morning...

Today we were at a playdate and Aurora started going around to each of the moms and touching or stroking their clothes, hair, and whatever else they were wearing. She loves touching everything! She was talking to each of the moms and they didn't seem to mind, so I chose not to worry about it. Later, one of the moms came up and complimented me on how sweet Aurora is because while she was touching everyone and everything, she was telling them how beautiful they were and what nice things they were wearing. Apparently, it made several moms' days. :D

 What a sweetie!


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