Sunday, April 28, 2013

Princesses and Pancakes

Aurora was sitting and staring into space at the dinner table, her pancakes untouched in front of her...

Wil (goofily): Aurora, what 'cha thinking about?
Aurora: I'm not telling you!
W: Is it about rainbows?
A: No....
Regina: Is it about unicorns?
A: No...
W: Is it about flowers?
A: No...
R: Is it about cats?
A: No....
R: Is it about marshmallows?
A: No....
W: Is it about games?
A: No....
R: Is it about princesses?
A: Ye-hehehe-s! *giggles more*
W: What were you thinking about princesses?
A: I was thinking about how princesses eat pancakes!


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