Friday, April 26, 2013

Aurora's Secret Garden

Yesterday while in the car, Aurora started telling us about her secret garden that no one else is allowed in. It was so much fun to hear in such detail about her pretend world. She rarely tells us this much about anything special to her.

After I turned off the camera, she informed Wil and me that we are the mean king and queen and that we aren't allowed to go into the garden. Hehe. Yeah, mommy and daddy have to be mean sometimes....guess she can hold it against us a bit when it comes to her pretend secret garden.

(And, no, she is not familiar with the story The Secret Garden at all. The only thing I can think of that gave her this idea is that I talked to her one time about developing a relaxation visualization and mentioned at that time that I have one I use to help myself go to sleep. I think that's what she's remembering when she asks to see my garden.)


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