Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quinn and My Tea

This morning I was sitting on the couch enjoying some tea when Quinn came up to check it out. I told him "hot!" so he blew on it a little for me. He watched me drink a bit, then decided I needed help. Every time the cup had been away from my lips for too long--according to Quinn, of course--he gently pushed the cup up to my mouth for me.

After a little bit of this, he decided he wanted to try some, but he normally just spits it back out when I let him drink out of the cup directly. I instead dipped a finger in and gave him a drop right on his tongue. He loved that and kept asking for more that way, drop by drop. I finally went and hid in the kitchen so that I didn't have to keep dipping my finger in my tea! What a silly kid.


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