Friday, January 25, 2013

Aurora is FOUR!!!

Aurora's 4th birthday was today. Can you believe it? Here's what we did today...

We tried letting Aurora open one present (I was planning to spread them out throughout the day) but when Quinn saw that Aurora got a present and he didn't, he threw a tantrum. Whoops, I didn't think to give him something.... So we opened the rest of Aurora's presents during Quinn's nap time. Here she is, very excited about the presents.
And princesses!

After lunch, Aurora went to her quiet rest time to play with some of her toys. While she was in her room, we taped some garbage bags across her door and filled the gap with balloons....

Her cautious reaction to the surprise is fairly typical of her reaction to surprises. She really doesn't seem to enjoy surprises unless she knows one is coming. She and Quinn had lots of fun playing with the balloons once we moved them out of her bedroom....

After quiet rest time, we went out and had some fun, including getting some yummy frozen yogurt.
After dinner, it was time for her cake!!
She was SOOOOO excited about the cake!

Mmmmm! Yummy cake!
Quinn agreed.
And her special day ended with a glow bath all to herself (which Quinn was really ticked off about, too).


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