Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Thankfulness Tree

Somewhere in my wanderings on the internet, I was introduced to the idea of a Thankfulness tree. You pin up some sort of vaguely tree-shaped thing on the wall and add leaves to it that list what you and your children are thankful for. It's a fun way to help children remember what Thanksgiving is all about. Of course, my post on this is very late, but maybe this will give someone an idea for next year.

I decided I wanted to do a Thankfulness tree with our kids but try as I might in the short time we had a car available to us at the beginning of November, I couldn't find the right kind of butcher paper for my tree. So I decided to go a different route: a string tree! I've seen string art all over the internet. It's pretty popular right now, so it was easy to find some tutorials on how people have done string trees in their houses. I used these two tutorials to guide me: Saucy Dwellings and Apartment Therapy.

After reading those posts several times, I finally decided to give it a try. I was quiet nervous. I started by putting a bunch of pushpins in to be my trunk.

 Then I started looping the yarn around all the pins, adding more pins as I went. My tree definitely doesn't look as good as the ones in the tutorials, but since it was my first try, I didn't worry about it too much.
 After an hour of work, I had this. Pretty good! I definitely got better at the branches and twigs as I got further into the project.
 And... done! It only took about 1.5 hrs. Sure, it's not amazing, but it certainly looks better than our formerly boring blank wall.

 The first "leaves of thankfulness" were put up right away. The kids were quite excited about the tree. Every evening at dinner, we added more leaves. Sometimes Aurora needed some prompting to think of things she was thankful for and other times she didn't need help at all. With Quinn, we just guessed. His leaves say things like "forks!", "pacifiers" and "food." Hehe.
 At the end of November, this is what the tree looked like. We forgot to add leaves some nights, but other days we all added several. I estimate that there are 80-100 leaves on the tree at this point. I loved doing our "reverse" fall tree. :)
 So, there you go, you who have inquired about our tree. Will we do it next year? I'm not sure. I don't really like the idea of putting 200+ holes in the walls of our rental home in TN (it's not as big of a deal here because they expect to do a thorough repair of each apartment when a tenant moves out). I might try to find butcher paper again for next year. :) We shall see!


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