Monday, December 31, 2012

In 2012 we counted...

2 moves
2 new cousins
2 very special sleepovers with Momma & Poppa (Aurora)
3 states lived in
3 months completely deprived of chocolate (Regina)
4 birthdays
7 months of no tomatoes (Regina)
8 long trips
11 new teeth (9 for Quinn and 2 wisdom teeth for Regina)
11 months and counting of almost no caffeine (Regina)
13 museums visited
16 visits from grandparents
16 pacifiers (Quinn)
68 boardgames played (Wil)
74 blog posts
138 videos recorded
4,188 miles traveled as a family* (approximately)
      *for Wil, add 3,260 more miles (approximately)
4,304 pictures taken

Things I wish I had counted but didn't (or couldn't):

ketchup bottles gone through
books read
craft projects completed
cookies baked
diapers used
laundry loads
library books checked out
gallons of water splashed out of the tub

Happy New Year!!

~Regina (and the rest of the family)

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