Thursday, November 15, 2012

In Aurora's words: A Visit to the Beach!

Aurora: There's the water!
Regina: The beach we visited was famous for this stone "bridge" formation and for being an excellent place to see the sunset. It was somewhere near Santa Cruz...I think.
Aurora: Us eating....! I'll tell the rest of the story!
Regina: We decided it would be fun to eat dinner on the beach while the sun went down. It worked out....OK-ish.
Aurora: Me eating.
Regina: What are you eating?
Aurora: Pizza.
Regina: Was it yummy?
Aurora: Yes. I like that pizza so much. That was from Little Caesars. I think it was from Little Caesars. I like Little Caesars so much.
Regina: Actually it from...I can't remember the name of the restaurant. It was a wood-burning oven place in Santa Cruz.
Aurora: Quinn eating his pizza!
Aurora: Me saying "yay!" I like it so, so much.
Aurora: Quinn...
Regina: What is Quinn doing with his pizza?
Aurora: Putting sand on it! Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck! Yucky pizza!
Regina: Yes, Quinn was more interested in the sand than in his pizza...but he didn't seem to mind mixing the two together! He would take a break from eating, drop his pizza in the sand, play, then come back to his pizza and eat it--crunchy sand and all! It was pretty disgusting.
Aurora: The sunset! Us going towards the water!
Regina: We sat back from the ocean to eat our dinner so that the kids wouldn't try to run in the water while we had food out. Once we finished dinner, we went down to the shoreline...Quinn was very excited!
Aurora: Us going for the real water.
Regina: Quinn was absolutely fascinated. He was probably saying something like "woe" (with a very drawn out long O sound) which is how he says "wow."
Aurora: that park that's actually.
Regina: No, this is at the beach.
Aurora: Quinn in the water.
Regina: Quinn really loved watching the water go in and out, in and out.
Aurora: What's that? What are we doing? Us riding in the water?
Regina: We were standing in the wave that came in onto the shore.
Aurora: No, we aren't in the shore, actually. We are in the sea!
Regina: I was surprised that Quinn didn't mind the cold water very much! You can see Wil and Aurora's feet in the background here. Most of my pictures are of Quinn because I was in charge of him while Wil trailed Aurora.
Aurora: I didn't want everything to get wet! All my beautiful clothes to get wet!
Aurora: Quinn running!
Aurora: Quinn with his feet in the sand.
Aurora: Quinn walking
Regina: And cute little footprints in the sand (kind of).
Aurora: Us waiting for the sea. I like that picture.
Aurora: Us wading in the sea.
Regina: At this point, Wil and I traded charges so that I could get some photos of Aurora...but she really didn't want to go in the water.
Regina: That's you.
Aurora: That's me....What does that arrow mean?
Regina: It's pointing you out. This is what I saw of you most of the time while we were at the beach. Why did you stay out of the water?
Aurora: I didn't really want to get all my beautiful and fancy clothes wet.
Regina: This is most of what I saw of Aurora while we were at the beach. She kept running away from the waves rushing up on shore yelling, "The water is attacking! It's attacking!" She was having a great time. :)
Aurora: That's me lifting my clothes up.
Aurora: Us riding...
Regina: I think she means "wading" but it definitely sounds like "riding."
Aurora: The sunset!
Regina: I actually took this last photo from up where we parked our car above the beach. The sun was already below the horizon and that's when the colors got especially beautiful.
Regina: There we go. That's the last picture!
Aurora: I like that picture very much!
Regina: Oh! But we have a video!
Aurora: ANOTHER video! I want to watch another video!
Regina: This is the only one we have....sorry.

Regina: And that's all! Hope you enjoyed our story about going to the beach. :)
~Aurora & Regina

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