Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Long Day of Travel!

Last Saturday, September 29th, we embarked on our trip to California. I decided that it would be a fun day to take a picture every hour. I ended up taking way more pictures than that, so we'll see how long this post is. :)

Hold onto your hats, it's going to be a loooong post for a looong trip! I started off the time notation in Eastern time and then switch to Pacific time when we land. Confusing? Yes. But that's how we felt too. ;)

7 AM EDT--I'm getting ready for the day
and the kids are still sleeping.
7:05 AM EDT-- The kiddos wake up.
7:15 AM EDT--Ready for breakfast time!
7:40 AM EDT-- Breakfast! I love the faces in this photo. :)
8:00 AM EDT-- Taking all of our stuff down to the airport shuttle!
8:20 AM EDT-- On the shuttle to the airport! We were very crowded in this little shuttle.
9:00 AM EDT-- All checked in at the airport and in the security line. Things in security went so smoothly, I couldn't have asked for it to go any better. This was one of the things on this trip that I was most nervous about.
9:30 AM EDT-- At our gate, looking at all the airplanes!
10:00 AM EDT-- Playing on a tablet with our boss's daughter. We had just found out our flight was delayed by an hour due to heavy fog in San Francisco.
10:05 AM EDT-- Checking out the lovely smoothie that Wil brought for me.
11:05 AM EDT-- We were boarding right at 11 AM and I couldn't get a decent photo as we walked down the ramp to the plane. This was the first good picture. Quinn was quite interested in everything on the plane.
11:10 AM EDT-- In our seats! I love this little face. :)
Quinn learned how to pull down the window shades pretty quickly and that proved to be quite annoying for the entire trip.
11:15 AM EDT-- Aurora realizes that the boss's daughter is sitting right behind us. They proceed to talk like this for most of the trip. :) I'm so glad the 6 year old girl gets on well with Aurora.
12:00 Noon EDT-- Look, we're on an airplane!
Aurora teaches Quinn how to unlatch the seat trays--another annoying skill. LOL.
And I'm about ready to go crazy after only about 45 minutes into the flight.
12:15 PM EDT-- Aurora plays with a felt cupcake game that my mom made for her. She enjoyed this way more than the princess felt storyboard I made for her. Go figure! :)
12:30 PM EDT-- I get Quinn to sleep. Yay!!
1:00 PM EDT-- We're feeling tired...and we still have a loooong ways to go.
But I'm happy because Quinn is still asleep!
2:00 PM EDT-- Quinn is still asleep. Yay!! My arm might be nearly dead from holding him, but keep sleeping baby!
2:10 PM EDT-- Rats! He woke up. But that was a pretty decent nap for being in a strange place. I love Aurora's face in this shot.
3:00 PM EDT-- Two hours left to our flight and Quinn is enjoying his favorite snack: fish crackers! Wil and Aurora were at the bathrooms for this shot. Aurora did GREAT with the airplane potties. I am very proud of her for that. :)
4:00 PM EDT-- Quinn is getting quite restless and fussy. Only an hour left but it's going to be rough.
Aurora is happy with the tablet.
5:00 PM EDT-- We've landed!! We're waiting for most of the crowd to get off before we even attempt it. At this point, I turned my cell phone back on and so we will be switching to Pacific time from here on out.
2:40 PM PDT-- Waiting for Daddy to get here with the van.
3:00 PM PDT-- Still waiting with all of our junk (also known as luggage). Not all of that is ours, though. About half of it is the boss's family's stuff.
Quinn kept bolting for the automatic doors, which led straight out to the pick-up lane. Why must they make those things so sensitive that they open to 22 lb babies???!
And I'm super-duper tired and annoyed at this point. Thankfully, Wil showed up about 30 minutes later.
5:00 PM PDT-- We're on the road heading to our apartment!
6:00 PM PDT-- We're picking up dinner after FINALLY finding a fast food restaurant (those things are scarce around here) and Quinn is very, very done with traveling.
But Aurora is still doing fine.
7:00 PM PDT-- Quinn is happy again and helping unpack.
Aurora is arranging the most important aspects of her bedroom. :)
And the master bedroom is a huge mess.
8:00 PM PDT-- We declare that it's bathtime and Aurora melts down. I love Wil's pose in this shot. Can you tell we've done this a million times? LOL.
Poor little thing. She's just exhausted. :( It is, after all, 11 PM EDT, so it's extremely late for us.
But Quinn is happy and clean! Well, I'm happy and Quinn is interested in something else. Hehe.

So there you go! That was our day of traveling. We are now getting settled in and slowly adjusting to the time change. Once we're less tired then I'm sure I'll have lots of fun things we're doing to share with you! :)


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