Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Funny Kiddos

First, a reminder: I may not be blogging much here right now but I do keep up on our picture a day blog.
Now onto the fun!

We were sitting together having breakfast and Quinn was admiring the special doughnuts Wil had brought home. I laughed and told Quinn, "If you can say 'doughnut', I'll give you one." I should know better than to make deals with kids. Quinn immediately looked me in the eye and with a mouth full of sausage said, "Onut!" Wil gave him half a doughnut while I died laughing.

Aurora has great plans for when she's a grown-up. The other day in the car she told us she was going to drive a swimming pool truck. It has doors that open and close, a go pedal, a brake pedal, and a non-brake pedal. You drive it around with just a little bit of water in it and it can go fast. She makes sure we know that it's "just for when I'm a grown-up."

Aurora loves pretend play and has more pretend friends than I can count. The friend range from a variety of Disney princesses to Thomas the Tank Engine characters. One day a brilliant idea to make use of this pretend play came to me. We were having dinner and Aurora was refusing to eat whatever food was in front of her. I jumped up and informed her that I had fairy dust in my pocket. Just a little sprinkle of fairy dust will make even the yuckiest food taste yummy....but, the fairy dust is soooo tiny that you can't see it. So I sprinkled a little over her food and then gave it one extra little puff of the dust. Surprisingly, Aurora ate her food happily.

Since then the fairy dust has been requested, at many more meals. We've developed a story about it and have had lots of fun. I keep a secret fairy flower garden where I go to harvest the fairy dust. The flowers only open if they aren't wet and to get the fairy dust out of them, I just tap them gently. I keep the fairy dust in a small pouch in my pocket and teeny tiny pinches are all one needs for a delicious meal! I've made sure that Aurora understands we are pretending with the fairy dust and she's quite happy to play this pretend game. I love little kids' imaginations! :D

Quinn is on the edge of talking. He says "buh-buh" and waves to say "bye-bye" and if you're lucky, he'll blow you some kisses. He sometimes says "mama" and for a while was saying "nyum-nyum" for "yum-yums" (nursing). His "car" sounds like "aw" and "ook" ("book") is often recognizable by people who don't even know him. Today he just started saying "dink" for "drink" which I think is the clearest, most obvious word yet. My baby is getting so big!


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