Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Quinn!

A year ago today our sweet little boy was born. Today we had a little family celebration for him.

He was quite excited about the pretty presents.
 But he didn't actually know what to DO with them when we gave him one!
 He got this one half opened and then started dragging the toy around. :)
 We finally helped him free the little dragon (his big gift from me) and then he tried to feed the toy.
 We finally moved on to some other gifts. This was Aurora's gift to Quinn.
 Once Quinn got one ball unwrapped, he was pretty happy. Aurora helped him with the rest.
 He fell in love with this wrapping paper. He played more with it than the gift inside it! :)
 A book! There's something that got his attention.
 And a nice long video of Quinn trying to open presents...

After dinner came the main event: the cake! What a sweetie.
 A quick little video of Quinn trying to blow out the candle.
First investigation of the cake...
Eating cake!

 Not in the hair!!!

And much fun was had by all (though Aurora had a hard time with not getting any presents, poor girl).


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