Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Crazy Adventure!

I've been neglecting the blog recently and I have a good reason. We've been busy getting ready for an extended business trip! Now that it's "technically" public, I can actually tell everyone about it! :)

We're heading out this Friday (the 28th) and fly out of Atlanta on Saturday morning (the 29th). Our destination? San Francisco, California! We'll be living there for about 4 months (our return date is not set yet) while Wil gets some special training. It's an awesome opportunity for him--and for us.

We're trying to look at it as an extended vacation and have been gathering ideas for things to do while we're there. Our list is almost two pages long already! It should be lots of fun and hopefully not too challenging of a trip with two young children.

Now I need to get back to getting ready! We only have about 50 hours until we leave home! Yikes! :)


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