Monday, August 13, 2012

Our Day--in Pictures!

It's just another regular day in the Wade household...

8:00 AM-- Waking up can be hard...

9:00 AM-- Breakfast time! It's later than normal because we were waiting for Aurora to wake up, but she slept late!

10:00 AM-- Playing with one of our favorite toys: trains!

11:00 AM-- Playing with play-doh! Quinn was on the floor banging something.

12:00 Noon-- Lunch is almost over!

1:00 PM-- Quinn is asleep and Aurora is playing in her room. I get to relax!

2:00 PM-- Quinn is still asleep and Aurora is enjoying her train set.

3:00 PM-- Time to come out, Aurora! Quinn was dragging some toy around somewhere.

4:00 PM-- I'm working on dinner and the kids aren't particularly pleased with that.

5:00 PM-- Daddy's home! Read books to us!

6:00 PM-- Dinner is almost over! Wil thought it would be fun to teach Aurora how to toast.

7:00 PM-- Since Aurora hasn't been going to sleep very early, we took a quick trip to Target!

8:00 PM-- Snuggling with Aurora right before bedtime.

9:00 PM-- I'm writing this blog post! No pictures of that. ;)


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