Friday, July 13, 2012

How to remove the sleeping baby on your back from a carrier without waking him up

How's that for a nice long title? ;)

I'm sure others have encountered this problem: your baby is fussy and wants to be held all the time but you have things you need to do. So what do you do? You take advantage of one of the most wonderful tools parents have: a baby carrier. You toss the baby on your back and snug up the carrier. Voila! Happy baby and working mommy!

But then you run into another problem: said baby partied until 2am and can't keep his eyes open when he's snuggled securely next to you. He slips into a much-needed sleep. But this baby--this sweet, snoozing baby--turns into a furnace when he sleeps. Seriously, if you could harness his heat output while asleep, you could heat your house for the winter for free! So sleeping furnace baby is now turning your back into a waterfall. Time to take him off...but how?

Here's the solution I found:
1. Go into a dark room with a bed--yours works, as long as the baby's crib is near by.
2. Lay stomach down on the bed so that the baby is pretty much centered on the bed.
3. Unsnap the buckles of the carrier very carefully.
4. Take the contraption off. This might take some doing since you're laying on top of half of it. Wiggle around a bit and get yourself untangled. Try to keep the baby on your back at this point.
5. Pat baby's bottom so that he settles back down into a restful slumber. You now have a quietly resting baby on your back without a carrier! See? You got the baby out of the carrier! wanted to get the baby off your back, too? Well, then, keep reading...

6. Wiggle around a little to test how soundly asleep your baby is. If you're lucky and your baby is dead tired, then you'll get away with the next step. If you're not lucky and your baby is restless, then you might just be stuck where you are. If you're the luckiest person alive and your baby always lets you move them around while they're asleep, I'm jealous of you.
7. Hold the baby against your back and roll onto your side. Gently slide the baby onto the bed so that he is resting on his side.
8. Move away from the baby. If you've made it to this part, congratulations! You now no longer have the baby sleeping on your back. Now to move the sleeping baby to a safer place to sleep...
9. Pick up baby.
10. Bounce the baby to return him to a quiet sleep.
11. Place baby in crib. If he stays asleep, then congratulations! If not, then start over at step 9.
12. Sneak out of the room. Go about your business feeling lighter-weight and less hot!

Optional steps...

13. Go talk to your 3.5 year old preschooler.
14. Say something that upsets her, causing her to have a meltdown...right in front of the sleeping baby's room door.
15. Put preschooler in time-out.
16. Return to the now not sleeping baby's room and start over at step 9. I suggest skipping steps 14-16 next time.

There you go! That is the easiest way I know to remove a sleeping baby from a carrier on your back and move him to his crib. Hope this helps others in similar situations.

;) Never a dull moment around here.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goofy Quinn

Quinn has started saying something like "uhbuhbuh." Sometimes he seems to be looking for Aurora and other times he just seems to be jabbering. Whatever the case, I assume he's actually talking about Aurora and talk to him about her. She is his favorite playmate, after all!

Quinn is pretty ticklish and is as sweet as can be.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Time for a Dip in the Kiddie Pool!

There's nothing quite like a relaxing dip in the kiddie pool!

Blowing bubbles!
Splash, splash, splash!

Enjoy your nice HOT summer! (Unless you're somewhere where it's cold, then enjoy your winter!) ;)


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Quinn LOVES playing peek-a-boo. He's so precious when he does it that I just had to try to get it on video.
Then Aurora decided to join in, which made it even more hilarious and adorable!

A quick photo collage of them playing peek-a-boo! I love how it turned out! (Click to enlarge)


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Funny Crawling

When Quinn learned to crawl, he crawled like every other kid: hands and knees. He was pretty good at it and it was fun to see what he got into and how much he followed Aurora around in her trouble-making endeavors. ;)
But then he decided that he didn't like how the floor felt on his knees or regular crawling just wasn't fast enough, so he switched to a bear crawl...

We get comments whenever people see him crawling. My younger brother crawled like that, so it wasn't that strange to have one of my children do it. I guess most people haven't seen a baby crawl like this? Well, if you haven't before, now you have! :D