Friday, June 15, 2012

Quinn and the Table

During breakfasts, Quinn likes to crawl around on the floor and come pull up on my leg when he wants a bite of breakfast. Today he was crawling around under the table and came up to my feet. He's been bumping his head on some wooden crossbars when he pulls up under the table so I started telling him to be careful.

I said, "Quinn, you've got to be careful! Do you see this piece of wood up here? It's just the right height that you will bump your head if you stand up!"

Quinn stopped what he was doing and looked up at the piece of wood. Then he very carefully and very slowly stood up without bumping his head. He shifted forward a little so that his head was directly under the crossbar and started lightly tapping it with the top of his head. Then he moved the rest of the way forward to me and got a bit of cereal.

I think this little guy understands a whole lot more at 9 months than I give him credit for!!


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