Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Princess Tea Party!

 Aurora has been obsessed with princesses for a while now. My mom and I decided it would be lots of fun to have a tea party and have everyone pretend that they were princesses. So I fancied up our dining room...
 Made some princess paper chain dolls...
 And crocheted crowns for the guests (which were few in number: my mom and a good friend).

 Tea time! Aurora was so thrilled!

 She especially enjoyed being allowed to eat goodies without a regular meal first. Silly goose.

 Princess Katrina!
 Baby Lily in a crown of her own!
 The little boys didn't really join the tea party, but they had fun wandering around playing with toys and trying on a few crowns.

Three days later, Aurora was already asking for another princess tea party. :)


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