Thursday, June 28, 2012

So Close!!!

Quinn took his first step just two days ago. Since then he's been taking a step here and there and then flopping forward. Until we bribed him with crackers... (watch his feet closely!)

But then we offered him a second cracker and I guess he decided that taking steps was too much work!

I can't believe that he's almost walking!! At 9.5 months, no less!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Princess Tea Party!

 Aurora has been obsessed with princesses for a while now. My mom and I decided it would be lots of fun to have a tea party and have everyone pretend that they were princesses. So I fancied up our dining room...
 Made some princess paper chain dolls...
 And crocheted crowns for the guests (which were few in number: my mom and a good friend).

 Tea time! Aurora was so thrilled!

 She especially enjoyed being allowed to eat goodies without a regular meal first. Silly goose.

 Princess Katrina!
 Baby Lily in a crown of her own!
 The little boys didn't really join the tea party, but they had fun wandering around playing with toys and trying on a few crowns.

Three days later, Aurora was already asking for another princess tea party. :)


Friday, June 15, 2012

Quinn and the Table

During breakfasts, Quinn likes to crawl around on the floor and come pull up on my leg when he wants a bite of breakfast. Today he was crawling around under the table and came up to my feet. He's been bumping his head on some wooden crossbars when he pulls up under the table so I started telling him to be careful.

I said, "Quinn, you've got to be careful! Do you see this piece of wood up here? It's just the right height that you will bump your head if you stand up!"

Quinn stopped what he was doing and looked up at the piece of wood. Then he very carefully and very slowly stood up without bumping his head. He shifted forward a little so that his head was directly under the crossbar and started lightly tapping it with the top of his head. Then he moved the rest of the way forward to me and got a bit of cereal.

I think this little guy understands a whole lot more at 9 months than I give him credit for!!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Silly Stories

Aurora woke up this morning and came running out of her bedroom with nothing but her diaper on...
A: I'm cold!
Me: Well, put some clothes on!
A: Put on my pjs!
Me: Good idea.
A: YOU put on my pjs!
Me: I don't think that would work, they wouldn't fit me very well.

*Aurora stands there with a confused look for a moment. Then smirks.*

A: You put them on ME!

Hilariously classic. I love it. :)

I vacuumed most of the lower floor of the house. When I started, Aurora ran into her room and closed the door and Quinn crawled as quickly as he could into the playroom. Aurora remained in her room the whole time, but Quinn began to venture out. Within a few minutes, he was following the vacuum around. At first he would crawl away when I turned the vacuum towards him. Then he began to try to grab the vacuum when it came near him. Finally, he started sitting right in the path of the vacuum and I would have to vacuum right up to him and then let it sit there until he decided to move. Silly boy.

Aurora and I were discussing how much Quinn had to learn.
Me: Quinn can pull up, but he can't walk yet or talk or even play with toys very well.
Aurora: Yeah...but he's good at dropping things!
Me: Yes. Yes, he is.
Quinn: *drops food over the side of his booster seat*

Goofy kids!