Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our New House!

Wil looked at over 20 apartments and houses (I think closer to 30) while searching for a place for us. He found a place he really liked, but when he went to put in an application for it the next morning, it was already rented. So he kept looking. The last place he looked at was this one...
It's an older house, built in the 1940s. It's been added onto a couple times, so the layout is a bit strange. BUT it has a reasonably-sized kitchen (smallish, but not a closet), a laundry room, garage, large living room, office, two bedrooms, and two extra rooms up stairs. It also has a dishwasher! The fenced-in backyard is wonderful, too. It's much, much larger than anything we've had before. It also needs a bit of work, which we're certainly willing to live with and work on for a lower rental price. ;)

Want to see inside? Let me give you a tour.... (you might need to let it load a bit)

I didn't take a video of the backyard, so here are some pictures of it....

A nice, basic deck right off of the house.
 Looking right while standing on the deck.
 Looking left.
So there you have it! Our new home! I can post more pictures if anyone is interested in a non-video tour.



Bill Wade said...

Enjoyed tour! you all have a great place

Petra Forbes said...

Hope you enjoy your new house! :D Your kids are so adorable! I think the office would look great, since the room has good lighting. It would be good to install some white shelves in too, so you can put up some family pictures and motivational prints. Any updates, by the way?

Petra Forbes

Richelle said...
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Richelle said...

I agree with Petra! The office space looks good. Good job! Make sure that you plan a good budget that will cater to your mortgage payments, house upkeep, and necessities. ; )

Richelle Jelsma

Leona Gladen said...

That little kiddo seems to have a lot of fun time in that one picture! It's great to have a wide backyard for the kids to enjoy and the one you have there is a great example of what I'm talking about.

Leona Gladen

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