Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Long Ride Home

It started off just like any other day, though perhaps a bit earlier than normal...
 But once Aurora figured out that we were leaving Ohio for good that day, she got a bit worried. As we were gathering up our last things to head out, she made sure to run around and grab some special things for her ride. She was very worried about some things getting left behind.
 Aurora started getting even more concerned as we walked through the house and said good-bye to each room. She decided to grab her heart pillow at the last minute.
 All buckled in!
 "Say good-bye to Wooster, Aurora!"
 And we were off! This magnetic dress up doll from Melissa and Doug was the best purchase ever. She played with it for at least 4 hours over the course of the trip. Yes, you read that right: our 3 year old played with a single toy for 4 or more hours! Best $11 I've ever spent. ;)
 After getting through Columbus, a certain little baby boy woke up and wouldn't calm down by himself.
 At that point, I moved to the back seat (between the car seats) and started to play with him. I spent the rest of the trip sitting back there. I'm SO GLAD my mom was there to drive us!!
 We took a long lunch break at the Ikea just north of Cincinnati. Quinn loved standing at the great big windows, watching the cars in the parking lot.
 I allowed Aurora to choose one special toy for her new room. She was very excited about that and had fun looking at all the stuff. In the end, she chose to get the second style of the Spoka night light (we call them "glowy friends"). I had suspected she might choose that, so I had packed her first glowy friend where I could get to it. I pulled it out for the next leg of our journey and the two glowy friends had fun playing together for quite a while.
 Thankfully, baby boy fell asleep again...for a while.
 Aurora watched a movie...and cuddled with her lovey for a while.
 Then Quinn woke up and wouldn't calm down, so we found a park to take a break at. This was just north of Lexington. From that point on, it got a bit rough. We weren't sure we were going to be able to make it all the way to my parents' house that night.
 Then we found out that there was a big detour due to the interstate being closed. So we pulled over and tried to figure out what to do. Quinn calmed down at that point and stayed calm once we decided to go on.
We finally made it to my parents' house after 12.5 hours of traveling. My mom drove the entire way because Quinn wouldn't stay calm without me in the back.  What a blessing to have that help! I wouldn't have made it much past Cincinnati without her!

And that is how our crazy, long car trip went. Whew! Glad it's over!


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Christine said...

Glad the trip went well! I can't imagine a car ride that long with our little one, let alone two little ones!

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