Thursday, April 26, 2012

Away we go!

Late last fall the rental company replaced our sidewalk, paving over the area I had used for our garden last fall. This spring I decided to keep our planting simple. I decided to do morning glories and sweet peas in the front flower bed--but despite trying to start seeds twice, nothing grew. I finally gave up and let Aurora plant some radishes, carrots, and green onions in our big, unused pot of dirt. Little seedlings started poking their bright green leaves out of the soil just this week--the same day that we found out we are moving.

It works every time. I even joked with Wil the day we planted the seeds that now that we had planted something that was almost guaranteed to grow, he would get a new job. It might be a bit superstitious of me, but it worked, didn't it? ;)

I wasn't expecting how quickly Wil's new job would want him. In just over two weeks, on May 14th, Wil has his first day of work. We have from now until then to clean out, organize, pack, find a place to live, drive down from Wooster, OH to Chattanooga, TN, and to move in to where ever we're going to be living. We can do it, certainly, but it's going to be insane around here for those two weeks.

Wil's new job is with a small startup in Chattanooga. is working to transform the construction supply industry. Wil's job will be centered around programming and design. You can learn more about SupplyHog at

So off we go on another wild adventure!