Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Momma and Poppa Came to Visit!!

Momma and Poppa came to visit! And what was the first thing Aurora wanted? For Momma to read her a book. :D
Little Quinn was a bit unsure of who these people were, but he warmed up to them pretty quickly. He even woke up earlier than Aurora one morning, so he got the first snuggles!
But Aurora wasn't far behind...
Going places all together was a bit difficult now that we have a second carseat in the car. But we are all just fine with squeezing close together.
And with free babysitting around, Mommy and Daddy got to go on a date! We almost got to go by ourselves, but Quinn decided that bottles are the scourge of the earth, so he couldn't be left behind. He was a good little tag-along, though, so we didn't mind. (Not that we would have, anyways.)
Aurora got a special treat when Momma painted her fingernails and toenails--and put some pretty stickers on them, too!
Quinn got to "meet" his cousin James through skype. It was fun to see how the babies, even though they're 6 months apart, still "talked" to each other. It was good to see my sister, too. ;)
And Quinn snuggled with whoever was available to hold him. What a sweet boy.
We were sad to see Momma and Poppa go, but very, very glad that they got to come!


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