Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Aurora!!

At 5:21am three years ago, our sweet fireball entered the world. If you want to read more about that, check out our past birthday posts:
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She had fun checking out the decorations.
Balloons on her chair!!!
Listening to a birthday recording from Momma (my mom).
She listened to it over and over and over.

Finally, once Wil got home, she got to OPEN the PRESENTS!!!
She had to wait patiently while we got Skype set up with Wil's parents.:) Isn't technology great?
Her favorite gift, by far, is the Ikea train set. So glad we bought the extra track! She and Wil opened it up immediately and started playing with it.
Then, after dinner, came the good part!
Flower cake!!
I'm quite proud of this cake (can you tell?). ;)
I love her waiting there with her fork.

Happy birthday, Aurora!!


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Gale said...

She's grown a lot since the last time I stopped by your blog. What a cute cake you made for her!

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