Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chaos...or is it Murphey's Law?

Some days you just have to laugh rather than cry.

I was chopping carrots for beef soup/stew when my finger slipped and I cut it. As I ran to grab a paper towel to put on it, Quinn started crying. I left him where he was to tend to my wound and found Aurora in the bathroom with scissors, trying to cut her hair again. She was supposed to be in her room cleaning up.

I took the scissors away from her, which initiated an immediate meltdown. I took care of my finger, carried her to her room, which caused her to wail even more and returned to the kitchen to comfort Quinn. Then I sat down and laughed at the wailing kiddos and my throbbing finger and my piece of very, very flat bread that failed to rise this morning. Hopefully dinner will be good....

Chaos at the Wades! Anyone want to join us? ;)


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