Saturday, December 10, 2011

3 Months is just Perfect!

I think that 3 months old might just be the perfect age for Quinn.

He's still small enough to be carried around everywhere.
He sleeps quite a bit and sleeps well. He even still falls asleep when we're out and about.

He's very responsive to us.
He's very smiley.

He's very talkative.
He's found his fingers and loves chewing on them.
He's got cute fluffy hair that likes to stick up on the top of his head.
He likes to snuggle.

He loves diaper changes.
He loves watching us do things around the house and will follow us with his eyes to keep up on the action.

He only cries when he needs something or is in pain.
He's got adorable round cheeks and sweet chubby thighs.

He loves to grab our fingers and wrap his little arms around our hands or the closest soft thing.
He adores Aurora and loves to watch her play.
He also has the most adorable little pout and heartbreaking whine.
And the puppy dog eyes...oh my...

And when I sing to him, he coos along!
He's just a precious sweetheart. Need I say more? ;)


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