Friday, December 30, 2011

On Trying to Take Photos of Two Kids...

I tried to get some pictures of Quinn and Aurora together a few days ago. It went something like this...

Quinn: Mommy, why are you doing this to me??!?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Sweetness

Our sweet boy is a smiley one! I love dressing him and changing his diaper because he's so responsive!

He also loves to be sung to and will try to sing along! I don't normally like to post recordings of me singing, but he's just too cute to keep this stored away.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Aurora just waking up (at her regular 8:01 AM).
While she waited for breakfast to be ready, she played with her newly-expanded Little People Nativity Set. Thank you to Grandpa and Grandma Wade for the Shepherds!
We worked hard to only open one present at a time and to take the time to look at each person's gift before moving on to the next one. Aurora got tired of being patient by the end of the gift-opening time, but she did a great job trying to be patient. :)
Each gift was exciting (especially Quinn's!).
Aurora was particularly thrilled with the matching pjs from Momma and Poppa VG. :)
A Richard Scary's Busy Town Matching Game from Aunt Debbie and family! Aurora is very eager to play games, so getting one that is just for her is very exciting to her.
And Quinn got a beautiful quilt sewn by Auntie Jessica!
We finished off our day with watching Frosty the Snowman.
Merry Christmas, everyone!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Snow!

A few days ago, we had another nice snowfall. It was only an inch or two, but Aurora had a blast playing in it.
 Tasting it!
 I love how her expressions are becoming more varied (and a bit more grown up).
And, no, she was not really dressed for playing in the snow. We were visiting friends and hadn't expected enough snow to fall for us to play in it.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quinn's Type of Fun

Quinn loves to have fun. He's becoming quite the smiley little fellow!

He's working on figuring out the jumper. I think Aurora was more excited about it than he was, but not by much!

He also loves watching the baby in the mirror.

What a sweetheart!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

First Snow!

A week or so ago, we had our first snow. We were all excited to go out and play in the tiny flakes drifting down from the sky...
 Quinn, of course, had no idea what was going on, but he responded to our excitement.
 He blinked every single time a snowflake touched his eye lashes. :)

Aurora remembers snow from last year a bit.
 She had lots of fun dancing, running, and waving her arms in the snow. She kept trying to collect as many flakes as she could to make a snow ball. She really wanted to make a snowball!
She finally gave up and mostly just ran around. :)

She was a bit put out when I finally made her come in, but it was cold!
What a silly goose! Oh wait, she's still a ducky. What a silly ducky! ;)


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Funny Aurora

Some silly tidbits from Aurora this morning:

Me: Old McDonald had a farm, eieio. And on that farm he had a .....what did he have?
Aurora: The itsy bitsy spider!

Aurora: I going to go through here!
Me: I don't think you can, Aurora. It's a pretty small space.
Aurora: Yes I can!
A few moments later....
Aurora: I stuck!
Me: Hahahahahahaha! (Then I helped her)

Me: Aurora, you need to take off your diaper, put on panties, and choose some clothes.
Aurora: I want to be a ducky!
Me: Ok, take off your diaper, put on panties, and choose some ducky clothes.
Aurora (running towards her room): I going to be a ducky!
Moments later....
Aurora: Where are my's wings? I want my wings!

That's our Aurora! :) What a silly goose! I mean, ducky!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

3 Months is just Perfect!

I think that 3 months old might just be the perfect age for Quinn.

He's still small enough to be carried around everywhere.
He sleeps quite a bit and sleeps well. He even still falls asleep when we're out and about.

He's very responsive to us.
He's very smiley.

He's very talkative.
He's found his fingers and loves chewing on them.
He's got cute fluffy hair that likes to stick up on the top of his head.
He likes to snuggle.

He loves diaper changes.
He loves watching us do things around the house and will follow us with his eyes to keep up on the action.

He only cries when he needs something or is in pain.
He's got adorable round cheeks and sweet chubby thighs.

He loves to grab our fingers and wrap his little arms around our hands or the closest soft thing.
He adores Aurora and loves to watch her play.
He also has the most adorable little pout and heartbreaking whine.
And the puppy dog eyes...oh my...

And when I sing to him, he coos along!
He's just a precious sweetheart. Need I say more? ;)