Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just Aurora

We were driving home from a shopping trip and Aurora was pretending to drive our "spaceship" (the car)...

Regina: Aurora, are you the spaceship's pilot?
Aurora: No.
R: Are you the co-pilot?
A: No!
R: Are you the...navigator?
A: Nooooo...
R: Are you the engineer?
A: NooOooO!
Wil: Are you a passenger?
A: No!
R: Then what are you on the spaceship, Aurora?
A: I just Adova on the spacesip!

How precious is that? We told her we were glad that she was just Aurora and that we liked Aurora just as she is. :)


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Katrina said...

I totally love this post! Yay for just being Aurora. Stay that way, okay?

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