Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Babies and Somersaults

Quinn being charming during one of his awake times...

And since babies, in general, are pretty boring at best (though adorable), I thought I would include a very fun and exciting video of Aurora cracking herself up doing somersaults!

That's the excitement around here!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Aurora and Quinn

Aurora loves her new "baby brover." She would love to be able to play with him, but she's figuring out that he's not a doll. :) She has mostly been fascinated with various tiny body parts. When she first met him, she had to check out his belly button/umbilical cord. She also likes pointing out his eyebrows, tiny feet, his bottom, etc.

She loves "interpreting" his cries for us, though sometimes it's pretty obvious that she's wrong. Most of the time when he cries she announces, "He wants yum-yums!" (nursing) but when he's been crying a lot she'll switch it up and exclaim "no yum-yums!" even if he's mouthing his hands or my shoulder.
She loves watching diaper changes and picking out clothes for him. His tiny outfits are very exciting to her--and they should be, most of them are adorable!
But probably her favorite time of the day to have him around is story time...
Even with her difficulties adjusting, she loves having Quinn there for reading a story right before bed.
Quinn doesn't really care about the stories, but we've been having fun including him during this special time in the evening. :)

And a few videos for good measure:

Aurora is learning how to play gently with Quinn


That's all for now!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

He's Here!!!


Quinn Rhys Wade
Quinn- from the Gaelic Cuinn, meaning "wisdom, counsel" (Read more here and here.)
Rhys- Welsh  name meaning "enthusiasm, passion" (Pronounced like Reese. Read more here and here.)

Born at 9:52 AM (Sunday, September 11, 2011)
7lb 13.5oz
20.5 inches

Welcome to the world, little one! May your life always be lived passionately and guided by wisdom!