Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aurora and Wake-Up Time

We recently put Aurora's nightlight on a timer so that we could use it to help Aurora know when it's sleepytime and when it's wake-up time. When it's on, it's time for her to be sleeping in bed; when it's off, it's time to be awake. Mainly, it's an easy way to help her know when she's allowed to get out of bed in the morning.

She still comes to wake me up in the mornings before wake-up time, but now it's a simple thing to take her and check the nightlight. She's not very thrilled when it's still on, but she seems to accept it as an objective reference point for waking up and goes back to her bed pretty well.

This morning I over-heard this "conversation" she had with one of her toys:
"Uggy bear wake-up!" She carries the bear away from his bed.
"Night-'ight on? Night-'ight on! Seepytime, Uggy bear!" She lays the bear back on his bed.
"Night-night, Uggy bear!" She waits a moment...
"Night-'ight off! 'Ake up, Uggy bear!"

I think she just might be getting it. :)


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