Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aurora and Her Swimming Pools

On her way to the bathtub tonight, Aurora stopped to scoop up a swimming pool that she apparently found on her way down the hall. She cupped it in her hands and held onto it tight until she was in the tub. Then she realized that her swimming pool was going to get lost in the water. So she started wailing: "SWIMMING POOL! SWIMMING POOL! SWIIIIIIMMMMMING POOOOOOL!"

I listened as Wil attempted to figure out exactly what she was upset about. He finally had her dump the swimming pool into his hands and he set it on the bathroom counter to keep it safe. That satisfied Aurora for a while until she found more of the swimming pool. So Wil put it safely on the counter again with the other swimming pool. This continued the entire bathtime. Every time Wil wasn't quick enough to rescue her new swimming pool, she would start wailing again.

At one point, Wil came in to where I was getting Aurora's bedroom ready and exclaimed that Aurora sure takes her pretend play seriously. I felt bad for her, and Wil, but the whole thing made me giggle. Wil got a taste of what I've been dealing with all day today! I'm not sure why Aurora is so upset by her pretend things, but I'm guessing her molars are hurting. Poor kiddo.

Hehe. Aurora just exclaimed, "Uhoh, Daddy, Dova boken!" Daddy blew a raspberry on her tummy and she exclaimed, "Dova unboken!" Now she's broken again as she's trying (not) to walk down the hall to her bedroom. Silly kiddo.


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