Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Quick Update on Me

In case anyone was wondering, I'm doing pretty well. Aside from the typical pregnancy complaints, I have nothing to whine about. My blood pressure has been really good at every doctor's appointment (so good, in fact, that I wonder if they're taking it correctly) and my weight gain reasonable.

Baby boy is very active compared to how his his big sister acted before she was born. He likes to tumble and spin and stretch between my ribs and hip bones. Aurora liked to stretch, but otherwise she was pretty quiet.

Aurora loooooves the new baby (or baby "bruver" as she calls him) and likes to point out that my bellybutton is sticking out. :) She often asks if the baby is kicking, but won't sit still long enough to actually feel him kick. She likes to give him a hug and kiss every night at bedtime. We'll see if this love continues after he's born and can wail and compete for attention.

Now if only we can survive the next 10-ish weeks!


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Linda said...

you have such a cute baby belly!

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