Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aurora and Radishes

Have I told you about Aurora and radishes? No, of course not. We only just pulled our first one within the past week. 'Tis a strange and unexpected friendship...

Strangely enough, she not only held onto the radish after that first little taste, but continued to nibble on it.

So far she's been the only person in our house who's gotten more than a bite of a radish from our garden. At this point, we're getting only one ready one every 2-3 days and those go straight from the garden to rinsing to Aurora's hand, where it stays until it's been nibbled all away. :)

They're also an easy plant for her to help pick when one is ready. All in all, it works out well because neither Wil nor I really like radishes by themselves. Once we get more than one at a time, we can have a salad with them, but for now we're happy to let Aurora have her special treat.

Every time I see her nibbling on a radish, I think "Grandpa (her great-grandpa Bob) would be so proud!" :*) I sure hope he gets at least a few little glimpses of us from his spot in heaven.


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