Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Update on Me...

About two weeks ago, I began to have more energy and actually wanted to do stuff. Then I got sick. For 4 days I could hardly eat or drink anything and then, just like that, I started feeling great again. Odd, but I'll take it!

Since Easter Sunday, I've been feeling better than I've felt this entire pregnancy. I'm still easily worn out and don't want to do much, but I can eat food again and haven't been having any unusual trouble with blood sugar crashes. I've managed to do laundry without it piling up for a ridiculous amount of time and have made a few goodies to enjoy. I'm trying to do some of our meals this week, but Wil is still doing most stuff around the house.

Now if only that fabled 2nd trimester energy would kick in so that I could make a dent in my stack of sewing projects... :)

On Monday we had our 20 week ultrasound. Everything was nice and boring and routine, which is good! We hadn't had an ultrasound with Aurora, so it was interesting to watch what they looked at. We got some very nice, clear shots of all 4 chambers of the heart beating nice and strong. The spine was easy to see, as were all 4 arms and legs, the 3 vessels in the cord, and the various internal organs that they showed us. However, whenever the techs tried to look at external features, the baby would get wiggly--so all the still shots of the face/lips/nose are kind of blurred. And, just for the record, babies in ultrasounds still look like aliens to me. ;)


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