Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Aurora Funny

This morning while I was fixing breakfast Aurora was jabbering, asking for a food she hasn't previously liked...

Aurora: Mustard! mustard!
Me: Mustard? Where did you learn what mustard is?
Aurora: Mustard!
Me: OK, for lunch you can have mustard with a hot dog or chicken nuggets.
Aurora: PUPPIES mustard!
Me: What? Puppies? Oh! You want CUSTARD like the puppies in The Pokey Little Puppy!
Aurora: Mustard!
Me: Custard! We will have to see about making some custard...

I'm not a fan of real custard, but something custard-like would probably satisfy her curiosity. Maybe we'll make some atole on this cold, rainy day. Or pumpkin pie--that's a custard based pie, right? :)

That's all from our wacky household!


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