Sunday, April 24, 2011


Aurora has been talking for days about her "easer dess"--she couldn't understand why she couldn't wear it every single morning! We kept telling her "three more bedtimes...two more bedtimes..." but she still didn't quite get it. Last night we told her that in the morning she would be able to wear her Easter 5am she charged into our room exclaiming "up! up! up! mommy! up!" :) Wil put her back down and convinced her to sleep. At 7am the same performance was repeated...I think we have a glimpse of what Christmas will be like at the end of the year! But she finally got to wear her Easter dress!

And, of course, had to wear her butterfly backpack from Momma--in it was her diaper, wipes, and sippy cup for nursery. :) It went quite well with her dress, I think.
After church (which I'm thrilled that I actually managed to make it to!), we ran to a local flower garden to try to get a family photo. It was wet and in the low 50s, but it worked out. While walking in we scared a mommy duck away, so I had to take a photo of Wil and Aurora carefully looking at all the eggs---there were 12 in the nest! That's going to be one busy mama duck! ;)
And, we accomplished our purpose: a new family photo! Thanks to the auto-timer that can be set to take 10 photos at a time and M&Ms to bribe Aurora, we had a very nice, fast photo session. I'm so thrilled with how nice we look!
This afternoon we will be spending with some friends of ours and their family and hopefully having lots of goodies. A nice, quiet Easter is exactly what we needed...

And for just a bit of fun... Aurora last Easter:
 What a little cutie!
 She's gotten so much bigger in a year... *sniff sniff*

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll be around a bit more often again!

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