Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ahhh... Misunderstandings!

One of many, many past and future--but definitely hilarious!

While Aurora and I were running around looking for half-off Easter candy (heh...great use of time, right?), she started complaining that her eye was bothering her. But it only bothered her in the car, so after examining it, I figured it was either really mild or just one of those things that toddlers do. When we got back in the car, I handed her a wintergreen lifesaver, which she has had several times before, and told her it would help her eye.

We drove about 2 minutes down the road and Aurora started complaining that the candy was cold--to which I responded that, yes, mint can make you feel cold. After parking in our next conquest's parking lot (Walmart, so it took a while to park), I came around to get her out and found her with the lifesaver pressed against her eye! Poor thing! Her little eye was watering and looking a bit red. I hadn't even considered that she might think to put it on her eye when all she's done with the candy before is eat it! Ha! Thankfully we had baby wipes in the car, so I was able to clean up the stickiness that had developed all around her eye and had trickled down onto her cheek.

After explaining that she was supposed to eat it, she promptly shoved it in her mouth and within a few minutes looked and acted fine. No harm done. She didn't complain of her eye bothering her after that, either, so something fixed it! Apparently I need to be a little more clear about how you use candy to fix mysterious ailments--glad I didn't give her chocolate!!!

Finding ever-more-creative ways to warp my child,

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