Monday, March 28, 2011

More Cute Stories

I looked up some other stories I had written up and figured I would add them here really quickly. No promises of returning to regular posting just yet, though. You may have seen a couple of these elsewhere (like on our microblog or facebook). But it's nice to have them archived here on the blog.

Story 1: Aurora was attempting to rearrange the kitchen rugs, which drives me crazy, so I scolded her. I said, “Bring the refrigerator rug back! Look at the fridge—it looks lonely now!” Aurora stopped, looked at the fridge, got a concerned look on her face, and went and leaned against it with her cheek completely smushed against it. (Hugging the fridge?) She didn’t bring the rug back, though.

Story 2: During "naptime" which is really quiet playtime, our neighbor's baby woke up crying. We can hear things through the walls pretty well, so I wasn't surprised to hear Aurora react to it. She sang this song for him: "Baaaaybee! Baaaaybee! Is O! K! Mooooomeeee! Mooooommmmeeeee!" (I wish I could give you the "tune" but you'll just have to put your own in.) I had never heard her put "is ok" together before, so that was pretty cute. She always talks about the baby's mommy when she hears him cry, so I guess she was trying to reassure him that his mommy was coming. :)

Story 3: My sister is going to have a baby any day now (she's 5 days past due at the time of writing this post--hopefully the baby will be here by the time this publishes). Aurora is fascinated by babies in bellies and we talk about Auntie Jess and her baby from time to time. Our conversation at lunch went something like this:
Aurora: *pointing at her belly* baby baby!
me: no, you don’t have a baby in your belly, silly girl
Aurora: Dess! baby!
Me: Yes, Auntie Jess has a baby inside her belly but he’s going to come out soon.
Aurora: out! hug!!
Me: yes, auntie Jess will give the baby a big hug and then yum-yums (our word for nursing)
Aurora: hug! nyum nyums!


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