Friday, March 25, 2011

How to Traumatize your child

Yes, I know I haven't posted in ages. Yes, I will explain the absence. But for now, you'll have to be happy with this. I wrote it up for some online friends to enjoy, so I figured I could post it over here for you all, too. :)

Aurora was especially wound up this evening so I was massaging her arms and legs and back. I got to the squeeze and slide your hands down their arms and legs part and since we had been talking about how wiggly Aurora was, I said "Now I'm squeezing your wiggles out--but they'll be back in the morning!" At first she loved it and was saying bye bye to her wiggles (and was actually relaxing--it was great!). Then suddenly it hit her the wrong way (or something) and she broke down crying with the most pitiful face and sobs saying something about her wiggles being gone.

I had her kick her feet and exclaimed "Oh, look your wiggles didn't go away! They were just resting!" But she didn't buy it and kept wailing. Wil came in to rock her and she was still sobbing--huge, full body sobs (someone's over-tired!). I ran and grabbed some gas drops and a piece of candy (she always gets gas from crying like this), gave her the medicine, then told her that I had wiggle medicine for her and gave her the candy. Sucking on it at least forced her to stop sobbing. Within a few minutes she was talking to Wil about something (all I heard was "no no no no no no no"). Hopefully she's recovered, but she'll be sensitive about wiggles for the next couple days.

Poor thing. I should have known better after that "go to sleep, sleepy eyes" incident. That was pretty traumatizing, too. :)


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