Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Funny Stories

Story 1: Before Christmas we visited my family and saw my sister, who is about 7 months pregnant.  Since then Aurora has been obsessed with babies being in bellies and has been trying hard to understand that she (Aurora) doesn't have a baby in her belly.  We were talking about it again earlier this week (Aurora pointed at her belly and said "beebee!") when her tummy made some gurgling noises.  So I exclaimed, "Aurora, your belly doesn't have a baby in it but it does have bubbles!"  Ever since then, Aurora has been walking around pointing at her belly exclaiming "bub-es! bub-es!"  Of course, now she notices any time my tummy makes gurgling noises and and will point it out to me (and anyone else who is in earshot).

Story 2:  For Christmas, Aurora received a Little People nativity set.  She fell in love with the set, especially baby Jesus.  She would take baby Jesus to bed with her, carry him around, become distressed when she couldn't find him, and talk about him constantly.  We put away all of our Christmas decorations this past weekend and decided to put the nativity set away also, to keep it special for Christmas time.  We made sure that Aurora said good bye to every piece and that she kissed baby Jesus as we put him in the box with his mommy.  Now the box of packed Christmas stuff is sitting in our bedroom waiting to be put away in the storage shed.  Every time Aurora sees it, she points at it and exclaims, "beebee esus bye-bye!" and signs "sleep."  Every time we pray with her and start the prayer "Dear Jesus..." she starts exclaiming "beebee esus!" and gets a little sad look on her face.  I'm beginning to wonder if we need to bring baby Jesus back out of his box.


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