Sunday, December 5, 2010

Potty Training Aurora's Way

At least, we think it's potty training, but some days we aren't so sure...

A while back, I don't remember when, Aurora decided that she didn't like clothes, so she stopped wearing them whenever she could possibly get away with it.  Not too long ago, she decided that she didn't like diapers, either, so she stopped wearing those as much as possible.

We tried many tactics to keep her in her diaper, but she managed to get out of all of them.  She's unzipped zippers, unsnapped snaps, squeezed through neckholes, wiggled out of tights, and unbuttoned buttons.  We gave up trying to keep her in her diaper and decided to try encouraging her to use her adorable little green potty.

I even made her 10 or 11 pairs of adorable fleece panties to encourage her to stay dry. And yes, it's 10 or 11 because I was sure I made 11 but can only find either one is missing or I never made it, but I can't remember.

Well, we aren't sure whether we are being successful with this whole potty training thing or not.  Most days she'll make it in the potty once, have one accident and the rest of the time she'll just hold it until she has a diaper put on her (at naptime, when we go out and about, and bedtime).

The good news is that Aurora can stay dry for an entire morning--but we haven't figured out a way to convince her that going in the potty is OK.  She is very distressed every time she wets, whether in the potty or in her panties.  The only reason we can think of  that might cause this distress is if she feels like it's part of herself that she's losing--kind of like how we would feel if we were bleeding.
 So, here we are, kind-of, sort-of potty training.  We've tried bribing her with little things, like reading a story to her on the potty or playing this particularly annoying video.  She asks for the video every time she sits down on the potty.  We have now informed her that she actually has to go on the potty before she gets to see the video.

Is this potty training or is this just an annoying no-clothes phase?  Does she actually care about learning to use the potty and keeping her panties dry or is she just having fun?  Will our diaper budget drastically decrease in the near future?  Will she finally get it just in time for the craziness of holiday travel?  Tune in next time to find out!  Or probably just something else entirely different that has nothing to do with potty training....but it WILL be about Aurora! ;)


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