Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we stuffed the stockings...not hung near the chimney since we don't have one...
(I have to show you a close-up of Aurora's stocking since I just finished sewing it earlier this week. My mom did the cross-stitch on the cuff and I quilted and sewed everything else.  You should be able to click on the picture to see it bigger.)
We laid out the presents under our little tree.... and went to bed.
We woke up to snow gently falling (not that you can see it here).
Aurora, of course, received the majority of the presents, but she didn't understand enough to wake up early--she got up at her normal 8am.  Mommy and Daddy definitely appreciated that!
Aurora was quite curious about all the presents.  She kept pulling on ribbons and poking packages while we read a very short version of the Christmas story. :)
Finally, we let her tear into the presents!  She got a lot of gifts including this gyroscopic, no-spill bowl from mommy...
an awesome, 10 foot long alphabet puzzle from Aunt Debbie, Uncle Matt, and cousins...
a personalized train whistle (just like her cousins received!)...
and many other goodies, like the 7-8 hot wheels cars in her stocking!
But the favorite gift of the day was definitely the Little People Noah's Ark.  When mixed up with the wonderful Little People nativity set that Wil's parents got her, it gave her hours of entertainment.  It was rather amusing to see random cheetahs and giraffes in the manger scene while Baby Jesus was in the ark with toucans. :)

We spent most of the day relaxing and playing quietly because Aurora had a fever. Thankfully she was still able to enjoy the day. :)


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