Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Wash Your Hair according to Aurora

1. Fill your bath tub ankle deep with warm water. Any deeper than that and you'll get more of your hair wet than necessary.

2.  Get into the tub. Or be placed in it, if you're Aurora's size.

3.  Lean over so that the top of your head is dipped into the nice warm water. Don't dip it too far in--you only want to get the very top of your head wet.
4.  Stand back up and giggle uncontrollably for a moment.  You are, after all, hilariously genius for washing your hair like this.
5. Enjoy your absolutely awesome hair style.
6. Dry your hair off. Don't bother with soap or shampoo, you don't need that junk. At least, you don't when you're less than 2 years old.


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