Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Take a Walk according to Aurora

Start off with your baby doll in a stroller. Push her happily along for about 50 feet....
Then insist that Mommy takes the baby doll out and try carry the stroller as far as you can. You won't get very far, but it's fun to try anyways.
Give up on the stroller and insist on carrying the baby doll. Leave the stroller for Mommy to carry--that's what she's here for. ;)
Somewhere along the way, baby doll will get hungry. So make sure to feed her a nice snack of...grass?
After making it a total distance of about 200 feet in the space of 45 minutes, insist that Mommy carry you, baby doll, and the stroller back to the car.

You have now completely your successful walk. The End.

(And yes, these pictures are about a month old. It is certainly not this warm around here anymore.)

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