Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Four Aurora Funnies

1. Aurora was supposed to be napping, instead I found her doing this:
We should just take her bed out of the room and give her a bunch of cardboard boxes...

2. Speaking of cardboard boxes, the day that the new beloved "Behbee" the penguin arrived, Aurora decided she wanted to mail herself back in the box.  It did, after all, come from Momma. :)

3.  One afternoon, Aurora's teeth were hurting her badly enough that she wanted to be carried all the time. So I pulled out one of my slings and put her in it.  Once she finally got tired of being in it, she got out and brought me all of her favorite toys so that they could enjoy the experience.  At one point, I had three baby dolls, one blanket animal, one stuffed bear, three hotwheels cars, and several mega blocks bricks in the sling. :)

4.  Aurora being adorable in her adorable jacket.

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